Our Pre-made welding hats are ready to ship!

We make ALL of our welding hats with the same care as our Premium and Custom welding hats we don’t cut corners…EVER!


 Made with 100% Cotton

• Pre-washed and Pre-shrunk prior to sewing

• Double sided with reinforced stitching


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Pre-made ready to ship welding hat

BcBeanies welding hats are made with pride to give the utmost protection, greatest possible comfort at the best quality possible. 

BcBeanies welding hats were designed by a welder 12 years ago. He had enough of the Small, Medium and Large welding hats. Hats that never fit right and always shrank. So we designed this welding hat to address those annoying issues that seem to plague the Welding Hat Industry. Like the headache seam in the front, the overall comfort of it or the shrinking after a wash. Let’s face it, soft topping just doesn’t cut it anymore. Most of us are now welding with our shields attached to hard hats and our welding hats need to fit right and be comfortable and above all WORK! Besides who wants to look like a cone head or a condom anyway? I know I sure don’t.

Bcbeanies welding hats are butterfly stitched flat. Also sewn together so that the hat won’t separate when you remove it. No more headaches from bulky seams. We put the time into our product with the stitching where it matters. We don’t believe in fancy stitchwork to cover up poor quality or to make our hats stand out from everyone else’s hats from the same pattern design. Bcbeanies does not charge extra for re-enforced durability to improve the quality of your welding hat, we just do it. We put the same quality workmanship into every welding hat we make. We go the extra step to make sure your welding hat is custom for you.

BcBeanies 6 panel, double-sided, pre-shrunk welding hat. custom designed fabrics, re-enforced stitching and no hard hat headaches

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Dimensions 24 × 18 × 2 cm


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