BcBeanies got started in 2007 after my husband hunted high and low for the hopes to find the best welding cap that would fit his head. We would drive 2 hours to a store that was recommended by a co-worker. Finally fed up with the hunt he said “honey you know how to sew right?”, I replied with “yes I do”. He then proceeded to ask me “could you make me a welding hat”, and I said “sure”. I had an old Singer sewing machine I picked up from a garage sale for repairs on clothes and hemming pants. I had no idea where to start, so I bought a pattern from the oh so many options provided online. I took a couple of days and made him a hat. Well, he hated it because, well, it was no different then every other welding cap he had bought. He turned to me again and said “Lets design a welding cap that fits my head”, and once again I said “okay”.

After our children came into our lives we both decided to sacrifice my income for me to be a stay at home mom to raise our 2 beautiful children. We moved to Airdrie, Alberta, Canada in 2006 right after our son was born. I have never been a sit still kind of girl, I am always doing something whether it be cooking, crafting, going for walks, taking the kids to the park, or helping others, so making him the perfect welding cap was right up my alley. I have always enjoyed a creative challenge and this was going to be one hell of a challenge.

Here is the list of requests he wanted

  1. No seam in the front
  2. Shorter beak
  3. Pre-shrunk fabric
  4. Flat seams all over
  5. No conehead
  6. Deeper style for more coverage
  7. Be reversible
  8. The 2 layers be sewn together
  9. Re-enforced stitching

With only a semester of sewing knowledge in home economics class of 1988, the journey of designing a reversible handmade welding cap with the most protection, greatest comfort, best quality and coolest style began.

OMG. It is a damn good thing he is the love of my life and the father of my children.

After many hours of cutting, sewing, laughing and critiquing, the blood, sweat and tears turned into 3.5 years and the Ultimate welding cap was created.

Living in Alberta there are many Mobile welding rigs around and only 2 years into designing the welding cap we met one of these rig welders living on the street behind us. We spoke with him one day and showed him the custom welding cap we had designed. He asked me to make him one, turned out he absolutely loved it. He asked me to make him a few more…he wanted 25 of his own custom welding hats all different patterns.

We had a hard time finding the right name for these awesome handmade welding hats. I thought of Radical Bean but that sounded like a perfect name for a coffee shop or a bar…lol. Over the next 3 years a few other names crossed my mind but nothing rolled off the tongue. After we moved back to Ontario in 2009 my welding caps were becoming quite the craze everywhere my husband worked. One day the perfect name stood out….Bluecollar Beanie. Bluecollar Beanie became BcBeanies the Ultimate Reversible Custom Fitted Welding Hat.

My husband being in the Union and working with guys across Canada, from that point on guys would always ask him where he got his cool welding caps and of course his response was my wife makes them for me. Every jobsite he worked on guys would ask if he had welding caps for sale.

In 2015, a welder that bought a hat from the one welding supply that I was selling my hats from called me up and asked for 2 more hats of the same fabrics but asked to have his last name embroidered on the underside of the beak. I made his 2 hats and showed my husband. My husband just looked at me as said oh wow…. you are going to get busy now. BcBeanies starting making custom embroidered welding caps personalized to the buyer.

These Bluecollar Beanies / BcBeanies are on the heads of welders, pipefitters, boilermakers, plumbers, electricians, ironworkers, carpenters, auto mechanics, millwrights, bikers, cyclists across Canada, the USA and reaching into Europe. The BcBeanies welding hats are so comfortable that they are being worn for not just work but for recreational use and for some just everyday wear like a baseball cap.

Some testimonials I have received over the years are

  • Most comfortable hat I have every had
  • Fit like a dream. Well worth the wait.
  • Best welding cap I have every worn
  • I don’t get headaches
  • Amazing fit
  • I wore it all day and no headache
  • I washed my welding caps and they still fit perfect
  • The quality is incredible
  • Won’t wear any other hat

The Bluecollar Beanie aka BcBeanies welding caps are 100% handmade with the upmost pride and care. Our custom fitted welding caps are made with 100% pre-washed/pre-shrunk cotton fabric. They are reversible with re-enforced stitching all around for lasting durability from blood, sweat and grease.